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Dani Prieto passionately believes in helping people to get to where they want to go – in their personal and professional development … achieving their goals and living a fulfilled and meaningful life. 

This passion has been developing over many years, leading her to the position where she is now. She has acquired knowledge and skills where she makes a difference to her client’s life and everybody else around her.

She has over 17 years of experience coaching and mentoring people from all walks of life.  Given her ample experience in helping people according to their essence and needs.
She offers a unique skill set, personality and energy will exceed your expectations!

The Bars are 32 points on the head which when touched lightly on either side help dissolve the thoughts, feelings and emotions that don't serve you!

In this life changing class you will learn how to run bars on friends, family or paying clients. Also you can let go of everything that doesn't serve you. Its like hitting control alt delete!

You are already a catalyst for change. Is now the time to be this and be the difference you are?

Know that you are a force for dynamic change in the world.

Both workshops and one-on-one sessions for the Access Consciousness Bars® are available with Dani.

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